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Name                                                Title                                                                          Email           

Prof. Reda. A. El-Khoribi                          FCI Dean                                                                                r.abdelwahab

Prof. Ehab A. F. Elkhodary                       Vice Dean for Educational and Student Affairs                      e.elkhodary

Prof. Mahmoud A. E. shoman                  Vice Dean of Research and Higher Studies

Prof. Mohamed M. Saleh                         Vice Dean for Community Development Service                    m.saleh

                   and Environmental Development

Prof. Abeer M. El-Korani                       Head of Computer Science Department                                    a.korani

Prof. Hoda M. O. Mokhtar                      Head of Information System Department                                 h.mokhtar

Prof. Sherif M. Abdou                             Head of Information Technology Department                          s.abdou

Prof. Tarek H. M. Aboulenien                 Head of Decision Support Department                                     t.hanafy


Computer Science Department

Information System Department

Information Technology Department

Operations Research and Decision Support Department


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