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FCI Dean
Prof. Iman Aly Saroit, (IT Department), email: i.saroit

Vice Dean for Educational and Student Affairs
Prof. Reda Abd Elwahab ,(IT Department), email: r.abdelwahab

Vice Dean of Research and Higher Studies
       Prof. Mahmoud A. Essmael shoman ,(IT Department), email: m.essmael

Vice Dean for Community Development Service and Environmental Development
        Prof. Mohamed Mostafa Saleh,(DS Department) email: m.saleh

Head of Computer Science Department
Prof. Abeer Mohamed El-Korani Mohamed , email: a.korani

Head of Information System Department
Prof. Hoda Mokhtar Omar Mokhtar , email: h.mokhtar
Head of Information Technology Department
Prof. Sherif Mahdy Abdou , email: s.abdou

Head of Decision Support Department
Prof. Ehab Fahmy Elkhodary , email: e.elkhodary

FCI Staff

·         Computer Science Staff

Prof. Ibrahim Farag Abd El-Rahman , email: i.farag

Assoc.Prof. Akram Ibrahim Mohamed Salah , email: akram.salah

Prof. Salwa Elgamal , email: s.elgamal

Prof. Aly Aly Fahmy , email: a.fahmy

Prof. Hesham Ahmed Hassan Mohamed , email: h.hassan

Prof. Fatma Abd El-Sattar Omara , email: f.omara

Prof. Reem Bahgat , email: r.bahgat

Prof. Khaled Fouad Sayed Shaalan , email: k.shaalan

Prof. Amr Ahmed Badr , email: amr.badr

Prof. Samhaa Rafie Adel Elbeltagi , email: s.elbeltagy

Prof. Abeer Mohamed El-Korani Mohamed , email: a.korani

Assoc Prof. Samir Abdel Rahman , email: s.abdelrahman

Assoc Prof. Amr Atef Kamel Hassanien , email: a.kamel

Assoc. Prof. Khaled Tawfik Hassan Wasif , email: kwassif

Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Shawky Moussa , email: a.moussa

Assoc. Prof. Sherif Essam El-Din Khattab , email: s.khattab

Dr. Mostafa Reda Abdallah El-Tantawy , email: m.reda

Dr. Mohammad El-Ramly , email: m.elramy

Dr. Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed , email: a.ahmed

Dr. Basheer Abd El Fatah , email: basheer

Dr. Emad Nabil , email: e.nabil

Dr. Nouh Sabri Elmitwally , email: nouh.sabri

Dr. Mohamed Nassef Fattoh , email: m.nassef

Dr. Hanaa Baiomy Ali Mobarz , email: h.mobarz

Dr. Soha Hassan MahmoudMakady , email: s.makady

Dr. Cherry Ahmed , email: c.ahmed

Dr. Amin Mohamed Allam , email: a.allam

Dr. Lamia Abo Zaid , email: l.abozaid

Dr. Waleed Ahmed Fouad , email: w.fouad

Dr. Eman Hossny , email: e.hossny

Dr. Sara Maadawy Hassan , email: s.maadawy

Dr. Sabah Sayed , email: s.sayed

TA. Manar Mostafa Kamel Elkady , email: m.elkady

TA. Sara Salem Ahmed , email: s.salem

TA. Mohamed Elarnaoty , email: m.elarnaoty

TA. Eman Hassan Sayed Negm , email: e.negm

TA. Ayat Khairy Mohamed , email: ayat.khairy

TA. Rana Aref Ahmed , email: r.aref

TA. Sara Alaa A. Yonis , email: s.yones

TA. Basma Mokhtar Hussein , email: b.moukhtar

TA. Laila Mostafa Ibrahim , email: laila.moustafa

TA. Mohamed Abd Elwahab , email: m.abdelwahab

TA. Desoky Abd El-qawy , email: d.abdelqawy

TA. Samar Hesham Ahmed Hassan , email: samar

TA. Marwa Nabil Abdallah , email: m.nabil

TA. Mona Hamdy ElKalamawy , email: mona.elkalamawy

TA. Noran Mohamed Hashem , email: noran

TA. Sara Hassan Sayed , email: s.hassan

TA. Amany Mohamed Hesham , email: amany

TA. Yomna Nour El-Din , email: yomna

TA. Hoda Ahmed Abd El-Latif Mahgob , email: h.ahmed

TA. Ahmed Galal Ahmed Rashed , email: a.galal

TA. Ragia Mohamed Aboulfadl , email: r.mohamed

TA. Farouq Mohamed Farouq Salem , email: f.salem

TA. Omar Khaled Ali Ragab , email: o.khaled

TA. Ahmed Mohamed Sayed Abbas , email: a.mohamed

TA. Heba Tallah Youssef Mahgoub , email: h.mahgoub

TA. Nora Abd El-Hameed MoHamed , email: n.abdelhameed

TA. Amira Ahmed Ali Abo Hozaifa , email: a.hozaifa

TA. Sara Tarek Ali Osman , email: s.tarek

TA. Mohamed Samir Rabey , email: m.samir

TA. Khloud Khaled Attia Mahmoud Attia  email: k.khaled

 TA. Hassan Mourad Mohammed Abo-El-Yazeed  email: h.morad

TA. Mennato-Allah Youssef Abd El-Aleam  email: m.youssef

 TA. Mahmoud Mohsen Abdelghaffar , email: m.mohsen

 TA. Mohamed Atta Faheem, email: m.atta

 TA. Ahmed Ali Ali, email: a.ali

 TA. Ibrahim Ali Mohamed, email: i.ali

 TA. Dalia Maher Mohamed, email: d.maher

 TA. Esraa Salem Ahmed, email: e.salem

 TA. Dina Ashraf Samir, email: d.ashraf

 TA. Mennat Allah Mamdouh, email: m.asfour

 TA. Sarah Ahmed Elnady, email: s.elnady

TA. Mahetab Saadony Kamel, email: m.saadony

TA. Mahmoud Hadad, email: m.hadad

TA. Dalia Mohamed Mustafa, email: d.elnaqib

TA. Omar Ibrahim Saber, email: o.ibrahim


·         Information Systems Staff

Assoc Prof. Sherif Abd El-Megeed Mazen , email: s.mazen

Assoc Prof. Ali Hamed Elbastawesy , email: alibasta

Prof. Galal Hassan Galal-Edeen , email: galal

Prof. Mohamed E. El-Sharkawi , email: m.elsharkawi

Assoc Prof. Mohamed Nour Eldien , email: m.nour

Prof. Hoda Mokhtar Omar Mokhtar , email: h.mokhtar

Prof. Ehab Ezat Sharaf El-deen , email: e.ezat

Assoc Prof. Hatem Mohamed Abd El-Monem El-Kadi , email: hkadi

Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Mahmoud Hani Awad , email: a.gaafar

Assoc. Prof. Amal Elgammal , email: a.elgammal

Assoc. Prof. Neamat Abdelhady , email: n.eltazi

TA. Iman Hassan Abdallah Mahmoud , email: iman.saleh

Dr. Sherien Farouk Hamed Ghoneim , email: s.ghoneim

Dr. Osama Mostafa Mohamed Ismael , email: osama

Dr. Hanan Moussa , email: h.moussa

Dr. Waleed Helmy Abd El-Hafeez , email: w.helmy

Dr. Ayman Taha Farahat , email: a.taha

Dr. Neveen Elgamal , email: n.elgamal

Dr. Ayman Ramadan Elkilany , email: a.ramadan

Dr. Abdeltawab Hendawi , email: a.hendawi

Dr. Noha Nagy Mohy Abd El-Rahman , email: n.nagy

Dr. Iman Mohamed Atef Helal , email: i.helal

Dr. Amany Hassan Badr El-Deen Easa , email: a.hassan

TA. Marwa Mohamed , email: m.abdelmoniem

TA. Mirette Magdy Michel Ilyas , email: mirette

TA. Ali Ead Ali Zidane , email: a.zidane

TA. Dina Ezzat Ahmed , email: d.ezzat

TA. Wafaa Momen Ali Habib , email: wafaa

TA. Shimaa Mohamed Galal Abd El-Aziz , email: sh.galal

TA. Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez , email: mhafez

TA. Laila Mohamed , email: laila.abdelrahman

TA. Sherif Zahran , email: s.zahran

TA. Aliah Magdy Mohamed Ayoub , email: a.magdy

TA. Samar Mohamed Taha , email: s.taha

TA. Noura Hassan Badr El-Din , email: noura

TA. Samar Mohamed Hafez Soliman , email: s.hafez

TA. Abla Lotfy Abdelhameed , email: abla

TA. Reham Ibrahim Abd El_Monem , email: Reham

TA. Ebtehal Yahia Abd El-Baky , email: ebtehal.yahia

TA. Hala Magdy Hassan Ismail , email: hala.magdy

TA. Omar Mostafa Mohy Eldin , email: o.elazhary

TA.  Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Abbas , email: a.abdelaziz

TA. Marwa Hussein Zaki , email: m.hussein

TA. Zeinab Adel Farid El-Ghobashy , email: Zeinab

TA. Nesma Mostafa Zaki , email: n.mostafa

TA. Dina Sayed Bayomi Sobh , email: dina.sayed

TA. Fatma Mihany , email: fatmaabdeldayem

TA. Ahmed Emad Samy Youssif , email: ahmed.emad

TA. Amr Tarek Abdelghany , email: a.tarek

TA. Ibrahim Gomaa Ibrahim , email: i.gomaa

TA. Dina Amr Mohamed Awadallah  , email: dina.amr

TA. Dina Abbas Abdelmonem , email: d.abbas

TA. Dina Mohamed Kamal , email: d.mohamed

TA.Mona Khamis Abdel Aty mabrouk ,email: m.khamis

TA.Ahmed Ramzy Ahmed Ahmed Negm , email:a.ramzy

TA. Amany Adel Mahmoud , email:a.adel

TA. Nehal Ahmed Abdelbaqi, email: n.ahmed

TA. Mohamed Ramadan Abdelmaksoud, email: m.ramadan

TA. Eslam Osama Mohamed, email: e.osama

TA. Nahla Mohamed A. Abdellatif, email: n.abdellatif

TA. Hoda Tawakl Elsayed, email: h.tawakl



·         Information Technology Staff


Prof. Fathy Aamer , email: f.aamer

Prof. Mohamed Gamal Eldien Darwish , email: g.darwish

Prof. Hoda Onsi , email: h.onsi

Prof. Iman Aly Saroit , email: i.saroit

Prof. Reda Abd Elwahab , email: r.abdelwahab

Prof. Mahmoud A. Essmael shoman , email: m.essmael

Prof. Aboul Ella Hassanien , email: aboitcairo

Prof. Khaled Mostafa , email: khaledms

Prof. Hesham Elmahdy , email: ehesham

Prof. Neamat Elgayar , email: n.elgayar

Prof. Sherif Mahdy Abdou , email: s.abdou

Prof. Haitham Hamza , email: hhamza

Prof. Nivin Abo El-Hadid Ghamry , email: nivin

Assoc Prof. Mohamed Mahmoud Abd Eldayem , email: mdayem

Assoc Prof. Iman Atef Mohamed Elazab , email: i.elazab

Assoc Prof. Amira Mohamed Kotb Nasr , email: a.kotb

Assoc Prof. Moataz Elsaban , email: m.elsaban

Assoc. Eid Mohamed Emary , email: e.emary

Assoc. Prof. Sanaa Mohamed Ahmed Taha , email: staha

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Refaey , email: m.refaey

Dr. Eman El-Sayed Sanad , email: i.metwaly

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Wahby , email: m.wahby

Dr. Shimaa Mosaad , email: s.mosaad

Dr. Mona Solyman , email: mona.solyman

Dr. Nour El-deen Mahmoud Khalifa , email: nourmahmoud

Dr. Mohamed Hamed Nasreldin Taha , email: mnasrtaha

Dr. Waleed Mohiy El-Din Adly , email: w.mohiy

Dr. Eman Moustafa Fahmi , email: e.moustafa

TA. Sara Abd El-Aziz Abd El-Hameed , email: s.abdelaziz

TA. Eman Ahmed Sayed Ahmed , email: e.ahmed

TA. Amir Ibrahim Amin , email: a.ibrahim

TA. Tawfek Ahmed Mohamed , email: t.ahmed

TA. Dina Tarek Mohamed , email: d.tarek

TA. Elham Shawky , email: elham.shawky

TA. Soad Samir Kamal , email: s.samir

TA. Mohamed Talaat Saad , email: mtalaat

TA. Waleed Mohamed Azmy , email: w.azmy

TA. Iman Hamdy Shaheen , email: i.shaheen

TA. Rana Abdelkader , email: r.abdelkader

TA. Ibrahim Hosny Mohamed , email: i.hosny

TA. Eman Ibrahim Shebl , email: emanraslan

TA. Ahmad Mostafa Nagib , email: ahmadnagib

TA. Sara Tarik Abdelaziz , email: s.tarik

TA. Ibrahim Aly Zedan , email: i.zedan

TA. Farah Samir Barakat , email: f.samir

TA. Mohamed Mostafa Kasem , email: m.mostafa

TA. Samah Ahmed Omar , email: samah

TA. Khadiga Khaled , email: khadega.khaled

TA. Aya Adel Mahmoud , email: ayaadel

TA. Heba Sobhy , email: heba.sherif

TA. Hend Gamal El-Din Hassan Ali , email: hendgamal

TA. Mostafa Mahmoud Hossny , email: mshossny

TA. Asmaa Ahmed Osman , email: asmaa.a.elsayed

TA. Ahmed Yousef Mohamed Elbaz , email: a.youssef

TA. Ahmed Atallah Atallah Abo Bakr , email: a.abobakr

TA. Mahmoud Ead Abd El-Hafiz Abd El-lahi , email: m.ead

TA. Shereen Hatem Mohamed , email: s.hatem

TA. Ahmed Alaa El-Din Ismael , email: a.alaa

TA. Marwa Tarek Saleh , email: m.tarek

TA. Cristina William Danial , email: c.william

TA. Ghada Dahy Fathy Kamel , email: g.dahy

TA. Shorouk Alaa El-din Ahmed , email: s.alaa

TA. Marwa Tarek Saleh , email: m.tarek

TA. Hala Abd El-kader Mahmoud , email: h.abdelkader

TA.Ali Farouk Ali Mohamed Khalifa ,email: a.farouk

TA.Rania Youssef Helal Ibrahim ,email:r.youssef

TA. Basem Mostafa Ibrahim, email: b.ibrahim

TA. Ahmed Ashry Elsayed, email: a.ashry

TA. Ahmed Amr Kamel, email: a.amr

TA. Salah Mostafa Salah, email: s.elabyad

TA. Sara Magdy Abdelmonem, email: s.magdy

TA. Eman Yehia M. Mosad, email: e.yehia

TA. Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed, email: m.ashraf

TA. Toqa Tafiq Gharib Mohamed, email: t.tawfiq



·         Decision Support Staff

Prof. Motaz Mohammed Hosny Korshid , email: motaz.khorshid

Prof. Said Aly Hassan , email: said

Prof. Assem Abd Elfatah , email: a.tharwat

Prof. Mohamed Mostafa Saleh , email: m.saleh

Prof. Hesham M. Abdelsalam , email: h.abdelsalam

Prof. Ehab Fahmy Elkhodary , email: e.elkhodary

Prof. Tarek Hanafy Mohamed Aboulenien , email: t.hanafy

Assoc.Prof. Mohamed Bayoumi Aly Hassan , email: dr_bayoumi10

Dr. Amr Ibrahim Mohamed M. Ali , email: o.ibrahim

Dr. Sally Saad Kassem , email: s.kassem

Dr. Olivia Mohamed , email: olivia_morad

Dr. Ehab Zaky Elfeky, email: e.elfeky

Dr. Ayman Ahmed Sabry Abd El-Rahman , email: a.ghoneim

Dr. Elshimaa Ahmed Ramadan Elgendi , email: e.elgendi

Dr. Doaa Saleh Ali Abd El-Dayem , email: d.saleh

Dr. Ghada Mohamed Abd El-Aty Soliman , email: gh.tolan

TA. May Adel Ibrahim , email: m.adel

TA. Sara Amr Mohamed , email: s.amr

TA. Basma Ezzat Hassan Mohamed , email: basma.ezzat

TA. Hayam Gamal Mohamed , email: hayam

TA. Marwa Mostafa Sabry , email: m.sabry

TA. Basma Mostafa Abd El-Gany Hassan , email: b.mostafa

TA. Iman Fahmy Abd El-Monem , email: i.fahmy

TA. Amany Mohamed Mamdouh , email: amany.mamdouh

TA. Magy Magdi Ibrahim Ahmed Elassal , email: magy

TA. Yassmin Kamal Aly , email: yassmin

TA. Sara Aly Hassan , email: s.aly

TA. Sahar khaled Mahmoud Kamal , email: sahar

TA. Abeer Yehia Taha Ahmed , email: a.yehia

TA. Yomna Hossam El-Deen Abdelaziz , email: y.hossam

TA. Miral khodeir , email: miral.h.khodeir

TA. Areej Mohamed Mamdouh Zaki , email: areej.m.zaki

TA. Mohammed Mahmoud Saad El-din El-Khawlany , email: m.saadelden

TA. Asmaa Youssef Fathi , email: a.fathi

TA. Rawaa Hesham Abd El-Hai , email: r.bidweihy

TA. Maysoon Ahmed Jamal Emam , email: m.jamal

TA. Abdulrahman Abdulmonem Mohamed, email: a.elsayed

TA. Yousra Ayman, email: y.ayman

TA. Mahmoud Elsayed Fateaha, email: m.fateaha

TA. Afaf Abdelmonem Abdelhameed, email: a.abdelmonem

TA. Nesma Mohamed Hanafy, email: n.mohamed

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