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Faculty of Computer and Information – Cairo University in cooperation with EMC2  announces the start of a new professional Master program specialized in Cloud Computer Networks in September 2017.

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Professional Master degree aims at qualifying IT professional in the field of cloud computing and cloud networks linking scientific backgrounds and modern techniques for the labor market.

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in one of the disciplines of Computers and Information, or a bachelor degree from a recognized scientific institute accredited from the Supreme Council of Universities. Students may also be accepted from graduates of other colleges to hold them with supplementary materials specified by the management of the program.

  • Language requirement condition is met.

  • Obtaining the approval of the Program, and the College Board and the completion of the required documents from the post-graduate department.

  • A qualification test may be conducted to test the knowledge of the applicant as well as to determine the number of students.

  • Registration is open for the various courses at the beginning of each semester (in the period determined by the college council)

Registration Fees

  • 700 LE per credit hour for Egyptians.

  • 200 $ per credit hour for Non Egyptians.

Program Regulations

  • The Professional Master in Cloud Computer Networks is a two-year credit-based program (36 credit hours), the academic year is composed of two semesters (Fall and Spring), both of fifteen weeks including exams, and an optional summer semester of 8-weeks.

  • Minimum registration per semester is (9) credit hours and the maximum is (15) credit hours.

  • The maximum duration for the professional master's degree is three years. The faculty council has the right to extend this duration for an additional year based on the excuse provided by the student and accepted by the Council.

  • 30% of the educational material at most may be provided through E-learning.

  • Study in the professional master is in English and can be offered in other foreign languages.

  • The professional master program Council has the right to accept credit transfer of maximum 9 credit hour courses studied by students and succeeded provided that the students has studied these courses during the past three years at a recognized institution.

Assessment system

The basic unit in the credit hours’ system is the course and not the year, and the assessment system is based on the assessment and recognition of each course, which is determined according to the following schedule: -











Program Structure

























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Schedule for first semester 2016 – 2017

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