PhD Defense of Maiada Gehad Soliman

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News Date : 2018-01-03 04:52:05

Information System Department

invites you to attend the PhD Defense for

Maiada Gehad Soliman Almoghary


(A framework or Implementating and Evaluating Security Issues in Data Warehouses)

The Arbitirators committee is composed of:

Prof. / Othman Hegazy        (Supervisor & arbitirator)

Prof. / Mohamed Ezzeldeen Elsharqawy  (arbitirator)      

Prof. / Hesham Elmahdy                              (arbitirator)

Prof. /  Abdelbadee Salem                     (arbitirator) 

FCI, Seminer Hall one, New Building, on Sunday  14/1/2018 at 02:00-3:00 PM

Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University