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HU332    Creative Thinking
DS411    Decision and Game Theory
MA112    Discrete Mathematics
HU111    English
HU323    Fundamentals of Accounting
HU333    Mass Communication
MA111    Mathematics-1
MA113    Mathematics-2
MA214    Mathematics-3
MA315    Mathematics-4
ST121    Probability and Statistics-1
ST122    Probability and Statistics-2
HU334    Professional Ethics
HU112    Scientific & Technical Report Writing
CS316    Algorithms
CS361    Artificial Intelligence
CS318    Assembly Language
CS419    Compilers
CS443    Computer Arabization
CS322    Computer Architecture and Organization
CS317    Concepts of Programming Languages
CS214    Data Structures
CS215    File Organization and Processing
CS464    Genetic Algorithms
CS453    Human Computer Interfaces
CS111    Introduction to Computers
CS465    Knowledge Base Systems
CS221    Logic Design
CS467    Machine Learning
CS466    Multi-Agent Systems
CS462    Natural Languages Processing
CS463    Neural Networks
CS241    Operating System-1
CS342    Operating Systems-2
CS471    Parallel Processing
CS112    Programming-1
CS213    Programming-2
CS498    Project
CS495    Selected Topics in Computer Science-1
CS496    Selected Topics in Computer Science-2
CS251    Software Engineering-1
CS352    Software Engineering-2
IS352    Analysis and Design of Information Systems-2
IS332    Business Functions Classification
IS421    Data Mining
IS313    Data Storage and Retrieval
IS422    Data Warehouses
IS414    Database Design
IS211    Database Systems 1
IS312    Database Systems 2
IS416    Distributed Databases
IS442    E-Commerce
IS231    Fundamentals of Information Systems
IS443    Geographical Informatiopn Systems
IS435    Information Centres Management
IS453    Information Systems Development Methodologies
IS441    Intelligent Information Systems
IS345    Internet Applications
IS446    Internet Information Systems
IS333    Management Information Systems
IS444    Multimedia Information Systems
IS415    Object Oriented Databases
IS498    Project
IS434    Quality Assurance of Information Systems and programming
IS495    Selected Topics in Information systems-1
IS496    Selected Topics in Information systems-2
IT321    Communication Technology
IT432    Computer Animation
IT311    Computer Architecture
IT331    Computer Graphics-1
IT332    Computer Graphics-2
IT313    Computer Interfaces
IT322    Computer Network-2
IT222    Computer Networks-1
IT444    Computer Vision
IT221    Data Communication
IT453    Digital Library
IT341    Digital Signals Processing
IT411    Distributed and Parallel Computer Systems
IT451    E-Business
IT452    E-Learning
IT111    Electronic-1
IT112    Electronics-2
IT414    Embedded Systems
IT413    Fault Tolerant Computer Systems
IT441    Image Processing-1
IT442    Image Processing-2
IT423    Information and Computer Networks Security
IT454    Information Engineering
IT445    Intelligent and Quantum Computers
IT223    Internet Technology
IT312    Microprocessors
IT433    Multimedia
IT342    Pattern Recognition
IT421    Planning and Design of Information Networks
IT498    Project
IT412    Real Time Systems
IT415    Robotics
IT495    Selected Topics in Information Technology-1 (Fuzzy)
IT496    Selected Topics in Information Technology-2 (Network)
IT241    Signals and Systems
IT443    Speech processing
IT431    Virtual Reality
IT422    Wireless and Mobile Networks
DS426    Advanced Project Management
DS451    Advanced Topics in Intelligent Computational
DS351    Computational Intelligence in Decision Support
DS342    Computer Languages for Modeling
DS443    Computer Simulation Languages
DS432    Data Management in Decision Support
DS332    Decision Support Systems and Applications
DS331    Decision Support Tools and Techniques
DS491    Elective Course
DS492    Elective Course
DS493    Elective Course
DS121    Fundamentals of Economics
DS122    Fundamentals of Management
DS431    Geographic Information Systems for Decision Support
DS211    Introduction to Decision Support and Systems
DS424    Inventory Control and Production Management
DS433    Knowledge Base Decision Support systems
DS311    Linear and Integer Programming
DS425    Logistics Management
DS241    Modeling and Simulation
DS414    Multi-Objective Programming
DS413    Networks Optimization
DS312    Non-Linear and Dynamic Programming
DS313    Optimizations Techniques
DS498    Project
DS321    Projects Management
DS423    Quantitative Models for Services
DS422    Quantitative Models in Economics and Management
DS415    Risk Management
DS495    Selected Topics in Decision Support
DS444    Simulation Games
DS442    Simulation Models in management and Economics
DS461    Statistical Analysis in Decision Support
DS361    Stochastic Models in Operations Research and Decision Support
DS462    Stochastic Programming
DS412    Strategic and Crisis Management
DS441    System Analysis and Modeling

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