Center of Studies and Development of Computer Systems

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The center aims to prepare and participate in research and specialized studies in the fields of information systems and technology, providing advisory services specialized in the fields of development and management of information systems and decision support systems.

The Board of Directors consists of:

Prof. Dr Iman Aly Saroit- Dean of the college and president of the center

The membership of the following:

Prof. Galal Hassan Galal, Vice President of the center

Dr.. Ehab Ezzat Hassanein- Assistant professor at department  of information systems - the center's  director

Prof. Aly Fahmy -  Professor at the Computer Science Department - Member

Prof. Khaled El-Sayed  - Professor at information technology department - member

Dr. ِAly Hamid El Bastawisy - Professor at information systems department - member

Prof. Ashraf Abdel Wahab, First Assistant Secretary of State for Administrative Development - member

Prof. Gamal Mohammed Ali, Director of Software Engineering Center and accreditation - member

Prof. Maged Othman, head of the Information and Decision Support Center of the Cabinet -  member

Engineer / Mohamed Mahmoud Salama, executive director of the initiative of the research cooperation between universities -  member

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